How to Lose Stomach Fat Fast!

How To Lose Stomach Fat Fast

Are you frustrated with stomach fat that won’t seem to budge? Have you tried lots of ways to lose weight, including different diets and ways to exercise, and still can’t get rid of stubborn stomach fat? I know exactly where you’re coming from because I was right there with you for many years. You want to know how to lose stomach fat fast, and I can help.

I used to have a fat stomach, and it was the last place I held on to excess fat. I took all the traditional advice to reduce it, I did hours on the treadmill, I cut out almost all fat from my diet, but it just wouldn’t budge. It took me a while to figure out what I was doing wrong and what I needed to fix in order to finally have a flat stomach. Since I learned how to burn my stubborn stomach fat, I want to teach you how to do it too.


You Can’t Outrun Your Fork

How To Lose Stomach Fat

The first thing I had to change was my way of eating. Stomach fat, and especially lower stomach fat, tends to be much harder to burn when we eat carbohydrate rich foods. Since I was eating carbs heavily, relying on whole grain breads and rice as part of every meal, I had to shift that around. I eliminated almost all starches from my diet, including pastas, potatoes, and even my beloved sushi.

Some people want to believe that “a calorie is a calorie” and don’t believe that the source of your calories matters. The truth is that the body treats different kinds of food in different ways when you eat it. Carbohydrate rich foods tend to increase insulin levels in the blood. Insulin helps to regulate blood sugar, which we get from carby foods. When we eat more sugars and starches than we can burn in a short time, that insulin shuffles the excess blood sugar into a safe storage space, aka your fat cells.

I had to short circuit this cycle! When I kicked most carbs out of my diet, I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Yes, some of it was water weight, but that’s excess water that I don’t need to be carrying around, and I felt way less bloated. Best of all, I could zip up my jeans and see a much smaller muffin top.

What should you eat instead of all those carbohydrate-rich foods? Focus on fresh vegetables, fish, and meats, and a little fruit here. I did a lot of cooking in coconut oil too, and this may have helped since coconut oil is known to speed up the metabolism.

You still have to eat less than you burn, but without the insulin roller coaster, your appetite will naturally be a little lower, and the proteins and fats will keep you satisfied for longer. And do make sure you get a quality source of protein at every meal. Protein is important to keep muscles strong and helps to speed up the metabolism.

Should You Be Running?

Listen, I like running. There’s no equipment and it’s easy to just put on my FiveFingers and my headphones and run the sidewalks of the neighborhood. I like that I don’t have to think about it. But I should have been thinking about it, because that steady pace every day wasn’t helping me to burn stomach fat.

I learned that the best exercises to burn stomach fat were interval training. If you’ve heard of HIIT workouts, that’s what I’m talking about. Interval training is basically a short burst of intense activity followed by a short recovery period. You have cycles of 60-120 seconds each, and what’s cool is that the rest periods are where you burn the most fat, so remember to actually take your rests.

Running can be adapted to this pretty easily. Instead of jogging, sprint for 60 seconds, then walk for 90 seconds. Repeat about 15 times, and you’ve got a solid workout. You can also do this with resistance training, with weights or resistance bands, and there are apps like Skimble and many workout videos on YouTube that you can use while you find which workouts you like best.

You don’t even need to work out every day. Three times a week is just fine because your muscles will need time to heal.

Walking is also a great activity, and can be done for as long as you like. If it isn’t a HIIT day, feel free to take a nice long walk, since you’ll be immersing yourself in the fresh air, and staying active. Walking can even help to balance your hormones, and helps you to unwind from a long day.

That Sounds Too easy. What’s The Secret?

The magic really happens at night when you sleep. Too little sleep or poor sleep can create all sorts of health problems, but it can also prevent you from losing that stomach fat. During sleep, your body goes through a recovery phase that involves the release of a hormone cascade. These hormones, like HGH (Human Growth Hormone) help to keep your body at a healthy weight (and help to keep you from aging prematurely, btw.)

Allowing your body to heal and recover fully at night will reduce your overall cortisol level too. Cortisol is the hormone that’s released when we’re under stress which can come from dealing with your boss, paying bills, fighting with your spouse, etc. Cortisol also signals the body to store fat, especially in the stomach, so we need to keep this in check too.

The weeks where I had diet and exercise on point but shorted myself on sleep, I didn’t lose any weight. When I put all 3 pieces together, I lost between 1 and 2 pounds every week, until I lost all 40 pounds that I had to lose. Almost all of that fat was in my stomach!

Pull It All Together

How To Lose Stomach Fat Fast

Sure, there are a lot of products that advertise that they can burn stomach fat like the stomach fat burners that take up a whole aisle at the vitamin store, but you don’t need them if you focus on these three basic steps. If you make these three pieces of Diet, Exercise, and Sleep into a habit, you too can get rid of stomach fat.

You can recruit a friend to have an accountability partner; you can make daily notes in your planner, or you can use a habit building app on your phone, so you’re constantly reminded of your goals. Small steps will help you to get rid of your fat stomach. You really can do it, and you’ll be excited when you see your stomach fat start to melt away.